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Title: Student Stories
Keywords: internships, jobs, students

A guest post by M&S minor Lydia Alcock '12: "Whenever I tell people I’m studying psychology and museums their response is usually, what are you going to do with that? At first, back in freshman year, I wasn’t so sure. As I continued taking classes in the Museums and Society department and learned more about the museum world, I realized there was a niche for me where I could combine psych and museums: museum education. When I started applying for internships, I discovered a place so perfect for me I couldn’t believe it was real. I began interning at the Smithsonian Center for Education and Museum Studies in September of 2011, and after working on heritage programming for 3 and a half months I realized I might never find another place so suited to my interests. Luckily, a part-time job opened up, and guess what? Now I’m employed!" To read more, click here.

Jennifer Kingsley

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