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Title: Student Stories
Keywords: internships, students

Molly Martell, class of 2015, writes about her internship at the intimate Libby Museum: "Three miles from the town of Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, there is a small museum that sits facing Lake Winnipesaukee - as it has for 100 years this year. [Read More...]

I have the privilege of working as a member of the Libby Museum staff this summer and the experience has been remarkable. Originally, the thought of working at a natural history museum as small as the Libby Museum concerned me - I had dreams of the big leagues like one of the Smithsonian collections. To my delight, however, I couldn’t have been more incorrect" 

"Working at a small museum like Libby has given me the opportunity to play many different roles: docent, archivist, publicist, curator - the list goes on and on. In a typical day I am handling deposits and withdrawals, updating our Facebook page, accessioning new items, answering questions over the phone, showing children around the museum, setting up for events- I even got to spend a few days translating portions of a book written in French from 1866 that we have in our collection. Being a “Jill of all trades” has allowed me to experience all of the facets of museum life. Getting to apply much of what I have learned during my time at Johns Hopkins as well as gaining hands-on experience is incalculable for someone only starting out in the field. Working at the 100-year-old museum turned out to be exactly the experience that I needed."

Jennifer Kingsley

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