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Title: The Archaeology of Daily Life online

In a Spring 2011 research seminar entitled the Archaeology of Daily Life, Professor Hérica Valladares and eight undergraduate students worked regularly in the newly renovated Johns Hopkins University Archaeological Museum. They had the opportunity to study little known and mostly unpublished artifacts from the Greco-Roman world, as well as modern objects produced in Hellenistic and Classical styles.  Under the direction of Professor Valladares, students wrote essays about these works of art that culminated in the recently launched on-line exhibition and catalog The Archaeology of Daily Life. The site focuses on private aspects of Greek and Roman culture, an expanding and complex field of study that faces particular challenges because the small, portable objects that serve as core evidence for scholars are often decontextualized, poorly documented, and frequently copied. To learn more about other exhibitions and collection-based projects developed by Hopkins students in conjunction with courses in the Program in Museums and Society, click here.

Jennifer Kingsley

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