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Don’t miss Evergreen as Muse, opening at the Evergreen Museum & Library on Thursday, December 9th, 6-8 pm. The show highlights the work of student artists who participated in Artist in the Museum: Making Books, a course co-taught by James Abbott, Curator of the Evergreen Museum & Library, and Phyllis Berger, Supervisor of the Photography Program in the Homewood Art Workshops. The exhibition features books handmade by the students. They took inspiration for their own works from their intensive study of the extensive book collections of various institutions in the city. (more)

They explored the collections at the George Peabody Library, Walters Art Museum, Evergreen Museum & Library, The JHU Library collection of artist's books, and the artist book collection of Edgar and Betty Sweren. Students found inspiration in everything from Peabody Library’s collection of butterfly wings, to the stained glass windows at Evergreen, to the illuminated manuscripts at the Walters. The books on display are carefully crafted and designed works that contain original art and writing—everything from fairy tales and short stories to poetry.

The exhibition opens in conjunction with Evergreen’s “An Ever Green Evening.” The museum will be decorated for the holiday season with garlands and trimmed trees. There will be treats and refreshments provided. It should be a festive event!

If you are interested in course opportunities like Artist in the Museum: Making Books you can find the Spring 2011 course listings for Museums and Society here.

Katie Johnson

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