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In August Emily Sneff returned to Baltimore after a museum-packed summer in London. While in England, she took a course that went behind the scenes of the Museum of London, and was able to catch the British Museum's installation of the exhibit "Treasures of Heaven: Saints, Relics and Devotion in Medieval Europe" (the third for the show that started at the Cleveland Museum of Art and was at the Walters Art Museum this Spring). In Fall 2010 Emily was among the students in the M&S course "Walking with Reliquaries" who had the chance to work with Associate Curator Martina Bagnoli on an audio tour for the Walters' installation of the exhibit. [more]

She is currently reasearching 17th-19th century books for Earle Havens at the Peabody Library and will be returning to the Walters as a Robert and Nancy Hall intern to work with Martina Bagnoli this Fall.

Jennifer Kingsley

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