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Alumni Stories: Gillian Maguire

Major: History
Current Position:
Graduate student in American Studies at George Washington University

Gillian started work at Montpelier, the lifelong home of James and Dolley Madison, a week after graduating from Hopkins. She started as an object research assistant, studying objects and their provenance, and helping populate a massive research database, all part of the multi-year effort to refurnish the newly restored Montpelier mansion. In November 2009 she was promoted to the position of Assistant Registrar. She oversaw all accessions and loans, as well as managed and cared for the museum's extensive collection. She also conducted object research as part of the Mansion Refurnishing Team.

Gillian entered a masters program in American Studies at George Washington University in January 2011.

"When I decided to go to Hopkins, the Museums & Society program didn't even exist, and it turned out to be one of the best parts of college," she says. "Not only did it help me establish career goals, but it also allowed me to develop both a scholarly and professional passion for the study of material culture and the importance of the museum in our national identity." One of the strengths of the program is that it takes full advantage of its location in Baltimore, a city bursting with museums and cultural institutions. "Not only were we required and encouraged to complete internships, but many of our classes incorporated the resources of local institutions, and allowed us to work directly with the staff, explore the collections, and immerse ourselves in true museum environments."

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