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Alumni Stories: Sara Dayton

Major: History of Art and Classics
Current Position:
M.S. in Publishing Candidate at New York University, Editorial Intern at Ladies Home Journal, Web Contributor at George School

Sara Dayton participated in the summer-long Museum Studies Internship Program at the Philadelphia Museum of Art after she graduated. In addition to attending weekly lectures, she worked in the Editorial Department, assisting staff editors with all of the museum’s printed materials, including exhibition wall texts, object labels, and marketing brochures. She continued interning at the museum after the end of the program, and decided to go back to school to learn more about online content creation and management. She is currently a student in NYU’s Masters in Publishing program, and is also an Editorial intern at Ladies Home Journal and a contributing writer for her high school’s website. As part of her graduate studies, Sara will be working as an intern in the Digital Media Department at MoMA.

Sara reports, "I am really enjoying [my graduate] program! I am already excited for classes next semester when I can start focusing in on web/digital publishing a little more (this semester was all intro level classes, focused on much broader topics). I'm starting to see how the classes are preparing me for our final thesis project, which consists of "launching" a web [site], magazine, or book brand. I'm planning on doing something art/museum related, and I've been thinking about it in terms of "Muse News," the newsletter project I worked on in the second part of the Museums minor intro class."

Sara explains the role the Program in Museums and Society played in her current path: “My Museums and Society classes expanded my horizons, helping me see a career in museums outside of a curatorial department. The growing importance of the internet for museums came up in almost every class, and made me think about how a successful website can help people discover and appreciate art. Now I’m taking classes in the business, marketing, and management of digital media, and when I finish my degree I hope to bring everything I’ve learned back to a museum. Without the classes that helped me think critically about museums, in particular their use of the web, I think it would have taken me much longer to find my current path and to realize that pursuing a graduate degree in something that doesn’t seem related to art or museums could actually give me the skills I need to build a successful career in museums.”

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