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Alumni Stories:
Nora Krinitsky '09

Major: History
Current Position: Kress Interpretive Fellow, Baltimore Museum of Art

Nora Krinitsky became the BMA's Kress Interpretive Fellow in July 2009.  During this one-year fellowship, Nora created new educational material for the BMA website.  Her project focused on European Old Masters. The new website gives viewers the chance to learn about 10 objects in the BMA collection, and includes images as well as video interviews with BMA curators.  Nora explains the process of building the site: "I started by getting familiar with the collection, and refined the group of focus works that are featured.  Then I started research and writing, gathering images, and designing the new material."  The site went live in the summer of 2010 (click here and navigate to the bottom of the page; don't overlook the section dedicated to Rinaldo and Armida by Anthony van Dyck, based on the work of Johns Hopkins students!).

Nora found this position through her involvement with the Program in Museums and Society, which connected her to the BMA.  She thinks that "the chances that students have to get familiar with museums in the area, and the opportunities they get to meet museum professionals, are a huge advantage when it comes time to make that transition to the job market. The program really lets you build your museum network while you're still an undergraduate, and it's something I'm still taking advantage of as this fellowship comes to an end and I start looking for a new position in Baltimore or DC."  (Update: Nora is now a graduate student in history at the University of Michigan.)

Here are a few screen shots from Nora's project:

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