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Alumni Stories: Whitney Shaffer

Major: History of Art
Current Position:
Law Student

After graduation Whitney Shaffer worked for three years as Development Associate for the American Visionary Art Museum. As part of a small staff at a very active institution, Whitney played an active role in both creating and executing fundraising campaigns.

This Fall (2011), Whitney starts law school at the University of Maryland. She hopes to stay engaged with the arts and museums, choosing the University of Maryland in large part because of its art and law initiative. She writes: "While my decision to go to law school developed over the past year as I saw how the law shapes the way we consume, create, and value art, the seed germinated through Museums and Society.  My senior year, I took a class called Who Owns Culture? and there was a guest lecture by Thomas Kline, a Washington, DC lawyer who worked on key Nazi repatriation cases. It was my first exposure to the fact that law plays a big role in determining the commerce and culture surrounding art."

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