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Undergraduate Program in Neuroscience

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BA/MS Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply?

Only current Hopkins undergraduate neuroscience students can apply. Potential applicants must also meet all pre-qualifying requirements to be able to apply.

How do I know what the deadlines are?

All neuroscience juniors and seniors receive an announcement via email toward the end of each Spring semester in advance of the following Fall application deadlines. The email will encourage those who are interested to start working on their research proposals and make arrangements with their research mentors.

When does the program admit new students?

The application process begins every Fall semester; admitted students begin the program the following Spring semester.

What are the application timeframes?

Generally speaking, the deadlines are set forth by the Director of the Program, Dr. Jay Baraban, in accordance with the Undergraduate Neuroscience Program. Our intentions are that the application/selection/acceptance/denial process begin in early October and finish by mid-November of each academic year.

Would I receive my BA before my MS if I am admitted?

No, this is a concurrent program – students participate in commencement ceremonies only once, and receive both degrees at the same time. Admitted students need to withdraw their BA graduation application and re-file for the following year. For admitted students, the last semester as BA students is the Fall one, just prior to beginning their first semester as concurrent.

How long does it take to complete the MS requirements?

Completion of all program requirements is limited to Spring, Summer, Fall and Spring of the following year. Research is conducted in the first Spring semester and runs through the end of Fall of the same year, or a total of one year. The last Spring semester is designated for coursework and thesis defense preparation. Therefore the program requirements can be completed in either four or five years. All students are limited and held responsible for completing all requirements for both degrees within five years. If a student fails to complete all requirements for the MS degree within five years, he/she will not be awarded the Master's degree.

How many students are accepted in the program?

The program is limited to ten students at any point of time. Therefore, if we have six current students, only up to four will be admitted for the next cycle.