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Undergraduate Program in Neuroscience

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Sample BA Program

The following course sequence is only a suggestion and is based on the assumption that there are no AP/IB/TR credits applied.
Please consult with your advisor when selecting and registering for classes


Freshman Year: Fall
030.101 Intro. Chemistry I
030.105 Chemistry Lab
110.106 Calculus I
060.XXX Writing Course
200.141 Foundations of Brain,
Behavior & Cognition or
080.203 Cognitive Neuroscience
or 050.105 Intro to Cog. Neuropsychology
or 080.105 Intro to Neuroscience)

Freshman Year: Spring
030.102 Chemistry II
030.106 Chemistry Lab II
110.107 Calculus II
060.XXX Writing Course
550.211 Statistics*



Sophomore Year: Fall
080.305 Nervous System I
030.205 Organic Chemistry I
Elective in (H) or (S)
020.151 General Biology I
020.153 General Biology Lab I


Sophomore Year: Spring
080.306 Nervous System II
030.206 Org. Chemistry II**
030.225 Organic Chemistry Lab**
020.152 General Biology II
020.154 General Biology Lab II


Junior Year: Fall
171.103 General Physics I
173.111 General Physics Lab I
020.305 Biochemistry**
020.315 Biochemistry Lab***
Elective in (H) or (S)
080.551 Research in NS****

Junior Year: Spring
171.104 General Physics II
173.112 General Physics Lab II
020.306 Cell Biology**
020.316 Cell Biology Lab***
Upper Level Neuroscience Course
080.570 Research inNS****

Senior Year: Fall
080.561 Research in Neuroscience
Or Medical Tutorial
Upper Level Neuroscience Course
Upper Level Neuroscience Course
080.250 Neuroscience Lab*****
Elective in (H) or (S)

Senior Year: Spring
080.564 Research in Neuroscience
Or Medical Tutorial
Upper Level Neuroscience Course
050.211 Statistics
Elective in (H) or (S)
Elective in (H) or (S)

* Statistics can be taken any semester
**For students interested in applying to medical school
***Students with a Cellular and Molecular Concentration will substitute Biochem/Cell Biology for Gen Bio I & II. Biochemistry is recommended for students interested in applying to medical school.
****Research in Neuroscience can be taken at any time. (6 credits are needed for the major)
****Neuroscience Lab can be taken any time after completing BBC or NS I & II