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Undergraduate Program in Neuroscience

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Neuroscience > Undergraduate Program > Distribution and University Requirements

Distribution and University Requirements

Distribution Requirements (30 credits)

Students are required to take 18 credits in the humanities and/or social sciences. These courses cannot include courses taken to fulfill major requirements. Additionally, 12 credits of course work must be taken in the Humanities, Social Sciences, Quantitative Sciences and/or Engineering. This requirement can include courses taken to fulfill the major.

University Requirements

As students fulfill the course requirements, they need to ensure that the following requirements are also met in order to be eligible for graduation:

  • 120 total credits
  • 60 credits at Johns Hopkins
  • 4 full-time semesters at Johns Hopkins
  • 4 writing-intensive (W) courses (12 credits)
  • No more than 18 credits of D or D+ work
  • C average or better in the major
  • No more than 12 transfer credits