New Era for Science

For more than a century, undergraduate students have come to Johns Hopkins University to learn from and work alongside premier faculty members in the natural sciences. Once enriched by these experiences, our students go on to work as scientists, physicians, professors, and more, establishing themselves as leaders in their fields. In order to maintain this legacy of excellence, we are planning a renewal project to bring together in one new building undergraduate laboratories for chemistry, biology, biophysics, and neuroscience. This new laboratory building is part of a plan to revolutionize the way the natural sciences are taught at Hopkins.

“Many of the most significant discoveries in science are happening at the boundaries of disciplines and require researchers to apply the techniques developed in one field to the problems emerging in another. It’s critical that the next generation of scientists be cross-trained and we need the right kind of laboratories to make that possible. Our new building will foster exciting interdisciplinary collaborations while providing students with a strong foundation in the core knowledge and techniques associated with basic science. We are sure to see the next generation of scientific leaders come out of this lab.”

— Katherine S. Newman
James B. Knapp Dean

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