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Commemoration Day

20150222_NWK1414 Cupcakes and hot chocolate help people warm up and celebrate Commemoration Day. On February 22, 1876, Daniel Coit Gilman was formally inaugurated as the first [Read More]

Sweet and Saucy Books

valentine_NWK2499 The Department of Special Collections at Johns Hopkins University’s Sheridan Libraries hosted its annual Valentine’s Day open house featuring rare books—both sweet and saucy—about the [Read More]

Rookie of the Week

_D4J5734_stanwick_web Shack Stanwick ’18 has been named the Big Ten Men’s Lacrosse first-ever Rookie of the Week. Read more on Photo: James T. VanRensselaer / [Read More]

Behavioral Biology Aquarium Field Trip

20150120_JHU8797_a_web Behavioral biology students enjoyed getting up close and personal with marine animals at the National Aquarium, complete with a behind-the-scenes tour. Photo: Will Kirk / [Read More]

Snowy Start

snow Snow doesn’t keep students from the first day of classes for the Spring 2015 semester. Photo: Will Kirk / [Read More]