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She gets talent

Laura Gordon TV literary agent Laura Gordon, a 2009 JHU grad, named to Forbes '30 Under 30' list [Read More]

Connolly on air

Co-hosts of 'BackStory' N.D.B. Connolly, Brian Balogh, Ed Ayers, and Joanne Freeman. JHU historian to co-host 'BackStory with the American History Guys' radio program beginning Feb. 3 [Read More]

Up for debates

Kuan Hian Tan and Harry Zhang Undergrads Kuan Hian Tan, Harry Zhang edge out teams from Harvard, Yale to take first place at 2016 North American Universities Debating Championship [Read More]

Between two worlds

physics and astronomy Scientists experiment with insulator material that straddles the world of classical physics and the hidden quantum realm [Read More]

Understanding Trumpism

N.D.B. Connolly Crowd-sourced syllabus co-compiled by Johns Hopkins historian N.D.B. Connnolly goes viral post-election [Read More]