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Call for Papers: Order and Disorder in Latin America (March 31-April 1, 2017)

Order and Disorder in Latin America Graduate Student Conference Program in Latin American Studies (PLAS) The Johns Hopkins University March 31st – April 1st, 2017 Under the surface of interstate peace, Latin America is permeated by dynamics that threaten order, understood as a pattern or arrangement that sustains society’s primary goals. These dynamics range from […]

Attention PLAS Majors:

The following course, taught by Professor Castro-Klaren (GRLL), will count as the required course for PLAS Major (“Introduction to Latin American Studies”) even though it has a different course number: AS.215.361 (01) “A multidisciplinary Introduction to the Study of Latin America”. If you are planning to take it and count it toward the PLAS major […]