Life On & Off Campus

Post-Bac Life

Our goal is for all students in the post-bac program to have a rewarding experience as they pursue their dream of attending medical school. Events are planned exclusively for each new post-bac class to foster a community based on sharing, caring, and the start of lifelong friendships. The wealth of experience and talent that each post-bac student brings to the class is an important part of the program.

Throughout the year, planned events and impromptu activities provide opportunities for students to enjoy their time at Hopkins and in Baltimore. The great success that post-bac students have had in getting accepted to medical school diminishes competition, and each student is encouraged to help his or her classmates be successful. Former post-bac students share advice with new students about things to see and do at Johns Hopkins and in the greater Baltimore area. Activities are planned to develop a strong support network and positive learning environment within the class.

In addition, we encourage students to engage in the surrounding community to learn more about the needs in the immediate vicinity and to be of service. Many of our students avail themselves of opportunities to volunteer in medical clinics in the city. Our students have also mentored area schoolchildren, translated at hospitals, and presented science and math programming at local schools. The post-bac program office maintains a list of sites to facilitate these experiences, which not only enrich students’ time in Baltimore but also help to educate them about medical and non-medical issues in urban populations.

Post-bac students take their classes on the beautiful Homewood campus, located in the Charles Village neighborhood of Baltimore, a vibrant community. Come for a visit, or take a virtual tour:

As part of the post-bac program, students engage in Medical Tutorials with faculty at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

In addition, students may choose to enroll in elective classes at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, the best school of public health in the nation.


Most students live in picturesque Charles Village within blocks of the Homewood campus. While campus housing is not available, there are numerous off-campus apartment buildings and homes that are comfortable and affordable. Hopkins has a centralized off-campus housing office, which can assist students in locating a pleasant and convenient living arrangement. For more information on housing, please visit the Housing Office website.


With a history that spans three centuries, Baltimore is a true renaissance city. Its transformation over the last 25 years is nothing short of phenomenal and it offers all the amenities of a major urban center with excellent restaurants, shops, cultural attractions, and sporting events. It’s also one of the most affordable cities on the East Coast and is full of distinctive charm: just consider Chesapeake Bay blue crabs, row houses, marble steps, and a friendly local greeting that’s unique, “hon.” Baltimore is a big city with a small-town feel, and its many neighborhoods with their distinct cultures turn an ordinary trip into an adventure. For times when students want to go farther afield, Washington, D.C., is only an hour away and Philadelphia only two. Drive a similar distance to the southeast and you’ll feel the cool waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Go about the same distance to the west, and you’ll need skis and snowboards to get around. There’s truly something for everyone in Baltimore.

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