2012 Commencement: PHS Awards and Honors

On May 24, 2012, more than 160 public health studies seniors marched across the graduation stage, effectively graduating our largest PHS class to date. Many of our seniors were campus-wide and nationwide award winners. See some of their many honors below.

PHS Outstanding Senior Award for Academic Excellence, Leadership, and Service in Public Health Studies
  • Rachel Burns
  • Sheila Razdan
  • Anita Ram
  • Yoon-kyu Sung
  • Sandhira Wijayaratne
PHS Outstanding Senior Researcher Award for Most Distinguished Thesis in Public Health Studies
  • Jacqueline Ferguson, Secondhand Smoke Exposure at the Johns Hopkins University Homewood Campus; mentor: Erika Tang
  • Annie Tsay, Measles Virus Infection in Primary Respiratory Epithelial Cells derived from Rhesus Macaques in vitro; mentor: Diane Griffin
Fulbright Scholars
  • Anita Ram won an Academic Fulbright to conduct research in Chennai, India
  • Sandhira Wijayaratne won an English Teaching Assistant Fulbright to Thailand
Woodrow Wilson Research Fellows
  • Rachel Burns, Not as Easy as ABC: 21st Century HIV Prevention in Three American Cities
  • Evelyn Cho, Childhood Obesity and Obesity Prevention in Europe and the United States: A Comparative Analysis
  • Lindsey Hutzler, The Rise of Ethics in the American Medical School Curriculum: A Closer Look at Three University Models
  • Veronica Jordan-Davis, The Evolution of Displays and Depictions of Relationships & Intimacy in Ancient Egypt
  • Kristine Wagner, Indigenous Medicine and Health After Oil Development in the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest: A case study of the Secoya
Department of Student Life Awards
  • Zeinab Abdel Fattah Bakhiet, Dean of Student Life Achievement Award
  • Bryn Marie Carroll, Alexander K. Barton Cup
  • Dominique Duval, Dean of Student Life Achievement Award
  • Eryn Gordon, Belle and Herman Hammerman Award
  • Paul Louis Jones II, Dean of Student Life Achievement Award
  • Young-Hee Kim, Belle and Herman Hammerman Award
  • Anita Ram, The Christopher J. Pinto Memorial Award
Phi Beta Kappa Members

Phi Beta Kappa celebrates and advocates excellence in the liberal arts and sciences. The nominating committee looks for evidence of outstanding intellectual achievement and breadth of learning in addition to a high cumulative grade point average.

  • Inhye Baik
  • Bryn Carroll
  • Kimberley Chiu
  • Evelyn Cho
  • Scott Heyman
  • Sze Yan Ho
  • Lauren Hurwitz
  • Shauna Linn
  • Anita Ram
  • Lisa Strouss
  • Raafay Syed
  • Alex Treiger
  • Sandhira Wijayaratne
  • Allison Wise
  • Myung Sung Yang