Assignment Guidelines

One applied public health clinical, research, or community-based experience is required, consisting of 80 documented hours of work at one site, completed within one calendar year. Students complete reflection journal entries and a final synthesizing assignment.

The journal entries are to be a minimum of one page, double spaced (300 words); please refer to the Reflection Guide for additional suggestions.

Synthesizing Assignment

The format of the synthesizing assignment can be any one of these three options:

  • 8–10-page paper following the manuscript submission guidelines, accompanied by a 300-word abstract
  • 36-by-48-inch or larger poster, accompanied by a 300-word abstract. Posters are presented at the JHU Undergraduate Public Health Conference.
  • 10-minute VoiceThread presentation, accompanied by a transcript of the audio and a 300-word abstract
Guidelines and Examples
Manuscript and Abstract

Abstract Submission Guidelines & Tips

Manuscript Submission Guidelines

Poster Presentation

Create a poster presentation using these instructions: Poster Presentation Submission Guidelines.
Creation options:

  • Use the online poster creation tool to download a template. The template is free, but if you decide to have it printed the starting cost is $39.95.
  • Or create PowerPoint slides, print them out, and attach them to a tri-fold poster, then add in the remaining content.

Poster Examples

  • Christina Li, c/o 2013, St. Joseph’s Home in South Africa
  • Tiffany Yang, c/o 2015, The effect of MisR on tbp transcription in Neisseria gonorrhoeae

Create a VoiceThread presentation using these instructions: VoiceThread Multimedia Submission Guidelines. Examples of multimedia synthesizing assignments:

The JHU Digital Media Center is a great facility for multimedia work.