Can a past experience count toward the Applied Experience requirement?

Not typically, but please discuss your previous engagement with your advisor. They will review the situation and make a determination.

Are all opportunities posted in the PHS weekly email Applied Experience-approved? 

Not unless stated. You may discuss the opportunity with your advisor to see if it is a good fit.

Do clinical shadowing experiences or medical tutorials count toward the requirement?

Not typically, but feel free to discuss this option with your advisor. If learning objectives are discussed prior to service, a tutorial may qualify.

How do I approach a potential Applied Experience site or research mentor?

Download the PDF: How to Approach an Organization.

Can my work with a student organization fulfill the Applied Experience requirement?

Not all student organizations qualify as Applied Experience. The following are current student organization possibilities, but please contact the your advisor before assuming your project fits the requirement:

Does the presentation with voiceover have to be exactly 10 minutes long?

No, if you can fit all of the necessary information within a smaller time frame, please feel free to do so. It should not exceed 10 minutes.

Am I allowed to submit a group presentation?

No, each student is required to submit his or her own synthesizing assignment and respective forms.

Where do I submit my synthesizing assignment, biweekly reflections, and student evaluation of site?

All of these items are submitted through Blackboard.

If you have any additional questions, please contact your advisor.