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The Gordis Teaching Fellowship

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Public Health Studies (PHS) is the largest undergraduate major in the JHU Krieger School of Arts & Sciences (KSAS). Our majors take classes across the spectrum of public health offerings including the core competencies as well as electives.

In an effort to enrich the undergraduate curriculum with innovative courses incorporating new trends and topics in public health, PHS invites advanced graduate students in the Bloomberg School of Public Health to teach at the Homewood campus as part of the Gordis Teaching Fellowship Program. We are especially interested in offering undergraduates the opportunity to take seminar size classes - 19 or less students - that build on their foundation courses as well as introduce them to new fields within public health. The course must be a semester long (13 weeks) and be offered for three credits.

The deadline for applications has passed for Spring 2014.


To be eligible to apply one must be enrolled in a Ph.D. program in the Bloomberg School of Public Health, and in residence the semester of teaching. Previous Krieger School of Arts and Sciences Dean's Teaching Fellows are eligible to apply. Fellows will teach a one-semester course. In addition, fellows that receive satisfactory evaluations may be invited by the program director to teach an additional semester. Fellows will receive a taxable salary of $6,000 for each semester taught. The fellowship does not provide tuition support.


Selected fellows would be expected to teach their first offering in the Spring 2014 or Fall 2014 semester. Fellows interested in teaching an additional semester would notify us at the time of their acceptance, and upon invitation by the program would teach their second offering in the Fall 2014 or Spring 2015 semester.

Application Requirements

Applicants should consult with their JHSPH department chair before beginning the application process. The chairs signature is required on the checklist form/or in an e-mail indicating their support. Fellows will work under the supervision of the faculty member who nominates them. Supervising faculty should expect to review syllabus, confer about grading and other pedagogical matters, and observe and critique classroom performance.

Submit all application materials electronically to Ann Beckemeyer (, PHS Administrative Coordinator.

  1. Download application materials.
  2. Letter of nomination from a faculty member who will serve as mentor during the period of the fellowship. This letter should explain the relevance of the proposed course to the student's area of specialization, and its importance for the Public Health Studies undergraduate teaching program.
  3. Course proposal outlining content and methods. The proposal will be evaluated by a faculty panel, who will be interested in teaching strategies as well as scholarship. A detailed syllabus with suggested readings, exercises, laboratories, projects, papers, and so on is required. The proposed course should be directed towards upper level division and emphasize a seminar format. Enrollments should not exceed 19 students. The number of credit and class hours per week should not be less than three. To meet the 3 hr/3credit requirement fellows teach for 50 minutes, 3 days a week (MWF) or 75 minutes, 2 days a week (MW, WF, or TTH). Specific days/times will be negotiated with the Public Health Studies program upon acceptance of the fellowship.
  4. Brief course description suitable for publication in the "Schedule of Courses"
  5. Letter of application explaining the course and its significance for undergraduates
  6. Current curriculum vitae
  7. Current transcript (official copies not required)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are DrPH students eligible to apply?
    Yes, all JHSPH doctoral students are eligible to apply.
  • Can postdocs be considered for the teaching fellowship?
    No, postdoctoral fellows cannot be considered for the Gordis Teaching Fellowship.
  • Can I co-teach a course with another student?
    No, co-teaching a GTF course isn't a possibility at this time.


Please contact Ann Beckemeyer ( with any questions.

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