Annie Rhee

Year: 2015
Affiliations: Film and Media
Award: Woodrow Wilson

Project Description

K-Pop, Gender, and Receptive Culture: Exploring South Korean Masculinities through Contemporary K-Pop Reception and Consumption

My research analyzes the reception and consumption of contemporary K-Pop music within South Korea as a lens through which we can observe larger national gender dynamics, especially that of the negotiation of masculinity. The project focuses on a politicized spectrum of gender identification, drawing upon primary interviews with South Koreans who identify as adult youth, middle-aged male, or gay and male-to-female transgendered consumers. I approach my analysis with a theoretical foundation primarily aligned with British popular cultural studies. I mobilize these tools to examine the manner in which K-Pop enables the expression of distinct gender identification within the gendered culture of South Korea, and explore how experiences gleaned from K-Pop may be serving as a machine of both perpetuation and change in terms of gender dynamics in South Korea.

Mentor: Dr. Meredith C. Ward, Film and Media Studies

PDF Document: Rhee, Annie – Wilson Thesis


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