Pamela Hugi

Year: 2015
Affiliations: Sociology, Women Gender and Sexuality
Award: Woodrow Wilson

Project Description

A Mortal Sin: Feminism and the Church in Modern Russia

I studied the effects the the punk feminist band “Pussy Riot” had on perceptions of feminism in Russia. I conducted interviews and participant observation in different cities throughout western Russia. While there, I found that older and younger generations of women view feminism very differently- however neither group considers Pussy Riot to be a feminist group. I theorize that Pussy Riot, despite their international feminist identity, are not viewed as feminist at home in Russia because during their trials they were depoliticised and portrayed as hooligans who wanted attention and hated the church, rahter than legitimate political activists.

Mentor: Dr. Olya Samilenko, Language Programs (Russian)

PDF Document: Hugi, Pamela Mortal Sin Paper


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