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The Singleton Center

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The Charles Singleton Center for the Study of Pre-Modern Europe
The Johns Hopkins University
Gilman Hall 301
Baltimore, MD 21218

Lawrence Principe

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News and Events

Upcoming Event: 

​Department of German and Romance Languages and Literatures
Italian 214.477: “Magic, Marvels, and Monstrosity in the Italian Renaissance”
Professor Walter Stephens

In celebration of Ariosto’s Orlando furioso (1532) and Tasso’s Gerusalemme liberata (1581), Faculty and Students are invited to a presentation by
Ilya Alekseyev, Scholar and Professional Swordsmith
“Epics and the Italian Renaissance: Contemporary Gerusalemme liberata (1581), Phenomena in the Medieval World”
Wednesday, 18 November, 5:15 PM, in Hackerman Hall B17 (Auditorium), JHU Homewood Campus (near Garland Hall)
Topics will include: The aesthetic and formal vocabulary of Italian Armourers; Globalization in the medieval and pre-medieval world and its importance to the arts of the time; Theological as well as military importance of the knightly class; A brief overview of the prevailing aesthetic and hermeneutic space created around the knightly class; Themed tournaments and their similarity to modern cosplay (costumed role-play) culture; Psychological warfare during peace times and its importance to the armourer's art; Umberto Eco's History of beauty and the "Beauty of the Grotesque”; Leonardo da Vinci and other correspondence with armourers. Covering Negrolli armour; “Architecture move aside”: Armourers pushing the limits of artistic style; Fantasy aesthetic in the times of knights; Heroic image and the tragedy of reality; The knight as armour operator; Some details about the construction of armour and design of swords.

Graduate Student Opportunities: 
Apply for Singleton Center Graduate Fellowships for Research in Europe and submit research papers for the Singleton Center Paper Prize.

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Congratulations to Will Brown (History Department), who has won the 2014 Singleton Center Paper Prize for his paper "Becoming bons marins sur terre: State Knowledge, Self-Fashioning, and the Arnoul Family’s Turn to the Sea, 1665-1726"!
Read Will's paper here.

Congratulations to Yonatan Glazer-Eytan, who has won the 2013 Singleton Center Paper Prize!
Read "A Contested Presence: Portuguese New Christians in the Spain of Philip IV, 1621-1632," here.

Congratulations to the Winners of the 2012 Singleton Center Paper Prize!
Jonathan Greenwood:
 “The Use and Abuse of Hagiography for Early Modern Life: Pedro de Ribadeneyra and his Flos sanctorum.” Read his paper here.
Justin Rivest: “Trials of an Extraordinary Empiric: The Career of Jean Thibault, Astrologer Physician 1529-1545.”

Epistemic Exchange in the Early Modern World. European and non-Europeans in Dialogue: Research Perspectives

18-19 June 2012
Cappella, Villa Schifanoia

JHU graduate students and faculty participating in the Singleton Center sponsored conference Epistemic Exchanges at the Villa Schifanoia at the European University Institute, Fiesole.

The 2011 winners of the Singleton Center Paper Prize are Alexandra Letvin, of the Department of the History of Art, and Nathan Daniels, of the Department of History.
Read Alexandra's paper, "Contemplative Ascent and the Limitations of Vision in the Omne Bonum," here.
Read Nathan's paper, "From Jongleur to Minstrel: The Professionalization of Secular Musicians in Thirteenth- and Fourteenth-Century Paris," here.


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