Elisabeth Fassas

Social Policy creates the national and local frameworks within which every other academic and professional field exists. Gaining an understanding of that framework through the Social Policy Minor has been both incredibly enlightening and so much fun! In the minor, we have had the unique opportunity of getting to know our 5 professors personally, as well as academically, through discussions and dinners. The small class size also really helps to bring us closer to professors whose work is fundamentally altering the realm of social policy every day. What’s more, all of these wonderful experiences and opportunities to learn from and work on pressing, real-world projects are completed with your class. For me, that means a group of 8 other students with whom I spend the majority of my time, and who have become some of my closest friends on campus! Despite my initial reservations about participating in the Social Policy Minor, I could not possibly be happier with my decision to pursue the minor, and with the experience I have had doing it! As I am a Biology Major and Pre-Med, I was initially very worried about spending an entire semester without taking any science courses. However, the minor’s classes pervade every area of study, and have attuned me to the social issues I hope to address through medicine. I was able to tailor my internship experience to my interests, and have gained invaluable experience in the process. I would absolutely recommend this minor to anyone who is interested! The combination of the internship, which you will play an integral role in selecting, and the invigorating courses will make this one of the most rewarding experiences of your college career, as it has become one of mine!