Application Information

Applicants must be graduate students in the School of Arts and Sciences in residence for the academic year during which he/she teaches and must have achieved ABD status before teaching in the program. Please note: fellowships may not be deferred and former Dean’s Teaching Fellows are ineligible. Fellows will teach a one-semester course and receive a salary of $11,500. In addition, the Dean’s Teaching Fellowship will pay 20% of the Fellow’s tuition for the semester in which he/she teaches. For those receiving fellowships with specific restrictions against outside money, the 20% tuition will be offered in the form of a research fund. The fellow will need to provide documentation of restrictions of receiving outside money. The Dean’s Office expects the department to ensure that the student’s time is spent appropriately.

Courses may be offered as advanced undergraduate seminars, lower level undergraduate seminars, or freshman seminars. Prior to preparing an application, students should consult with their departmental Director of Graduate Studies, Director of Undergraduate Studies and Chair to assess the interest of the department in the proposed course and to ensure that it aligns with departmental teaching needs.

Application Requirements:

Applications will be accepted online at The following documents are required to be submitted as pdfs and named “last name, first name – description” (i.e. Smith, John – transcript)

  1. Letter of application (addressed to the Dean’s Teaching Fellowship Committee).
  2. Curriculum vitae.
  3. Course proposal.
  4. Transcript (unofficial is accepted).
  5. Letter of recommendation (from faculty mentor).
  6. Letter of endorsement from the Department Chair.

The application deadline is Thursday, September 30, 2015. All materials must be approved by the department.