Crystal Wall & Kristie Wrasman – “Model System in Biology”


Shabnam Hematian – “Uses of Coordination Chemistry in Medicine”


Laura Garofalo – “Memory and Oblivion: Rewriting the Past in Ancient Rome “


Leyla Karakas – “Topics in Political Economy”

Hai Nguyen – “Financial Regulations in the U.S: History and Theoretical”

Lucia Tiererova – “Economics of the Internet Framework”


Rebecca Buckham – “Milton and Liberty: Public and Private”

Roger Maoli – “Time Well Wasted: Reading Fiction in the Eighteenth Century”

William Miller – “Prophecy after Science”

Erica Tempesta – “Work and Worth in American Literature, 1845-Present”

Nan Zhang – “Home and Wanderlust in Modernist Literature”

German Romance Languages

Teodoro Katinis – “Rome  told by its Narrators: A Journey through History, Literature, Arts, &  Film”

Johannes Schade – “What is an image? –Art, Technology, and Visual Culture around 1900”

Troy Tower – “The Book of Nature, the Nature of Books: The Origins of Literacy Ecology”

History of Science

Katherine Arner – “Colonial to Global Health: Health, Healing, & European Expansion, 1500-1950”

Matthew Franco – “The History of Geographic Though: Antiquity to Humbolt”


Norah Andrews – “Gender in Latin American History”

Adam Bisno – “Fascism: History and Interception”

Guilermo Montufar – “Cross-cultural encounters in Spanish America, 15th-18th centuries”

Robert Gamble –“The American Consumer Society, 1750-1950”

Steffi Cerato – “Landscapes of the American South: Slavery, Law”

History of Art

Nathan Dennis –“Art and Architecture “

Jennifer Watson –“Junk: New Old Material in Modern Art”

Rachel Danford –“Medieval Renascences”

Shana O’Connell –“The Disappearing Wall: Roman Frescoes in Context”

Near Eastern Studies

Meredith Fraser – “Ritual and Magic in Ancient Egypt”


Genco Guralp – “Philosophy and Complexity”

John Brandau – “Contemporary Metaphysics”

Political Science

Ben Meiches – “The International Politics of Genocide”

Chad Shomura – “Impasse Matters: The Politics of Unmaking Lives”

Gary Jones – “Free Expression in the 21st Century”

Ryan Fried – “American Constitutionalism and War-Making”

Arthur Rebrovick – “On Diet: Are We What We Eat”

Pavle Stojanovic – “The Epicurians, the Stoics, and the Skeptics on How to Live”


Yao Li – “Social Protest in Contemporary China “