Art classes allow students to enrich their lives, while diversifying and broadening their educational experience. The Center for Visual Arts (formerly Homewood Art Workshops) provides a studio environment in which undergraduates can pursue their creative interests. The arts teach people to look at reality from different angles. They teach creativity, which is applicable and valuable in every avenue of human endeavor. They teach skills, including perceptual skills, which actually improve the process of thinking and reasoning. In fact, the ability to be flexible in the interpretation of data is a key component of success in research, and making art helps students develop exactly this sort of cognitive flexibility.

Each spring, the Hopkins community is invited to attend the Studio Show, an exhibition of the year’s best work by CVA students. Additionally, a variety of temporary exhibits are hosted in Mattin Center throughout the year.

For the minor in visual arts, students may focus on either traditional studio courses or a digital curriculum, or they can combine the two tracks for a more diverse experience.

Students wishing to take more advanced fine arts courses are encouraged to take advantage of Hopkins’ cooperative programs with other colleges in the Baltimore area.