Tamar Nachmany

Year: 2013   
Affiliations: Philosophy, Writing Seminars 

Project Description

My Woodrow Wilson project was an exploration of the ethics of Yiddish theatre making in the 21st century, culminating in a bilingual production of Teibele and Hurmizah by Isaac Bashevis Singer and Eve Friedman. I directed and produced this touring play with a range of local art-makers, from designers to Klezmer musicians to Hopkins students from diverse backgrounds. The Yiddish theatre movement at the turn of the century presented plays in Yiddish, once the popular language used by Jews worldwide. Today, Yiddish – an endangered language experiencing a fascinating revival – has a very different role in international Jewish culture. Using a combination of historical, text-based research and anthropological, embedded observation, my Woodrow Wilson research explored the creation of sexy and experimental Yiddish theatre in the 21st century.