In support of the undergraduate writing requirement, Johns Hopkins offers students a wide range of opportunities to explore and develop their writing abilities.  Whether you are a first-year pre-med student seeking an introduction to academic writing at Johns Hopkins, a junior psychology major wanting to try your hand at screen writing, or a senior engineering student interested in learning about professional presentation, the Programs of the Writing Consortium offer courses in all of these kinds of writing, and much more.

To find a list of all writing-intensive (W) courses offered each semester in all departments and programs across the university, login to ISIS, then follow these directions:

  • Under the Registration menu at the top, click on “Search for Classes/Registration.” 
  • Select the “Advanced Search” option, identify the “Academic Period” (semester) you want to search (for instance, fall 2012),
  • At the bottom of the screen, check the box for “Writing Intensive Only” (it says “For AS/EN Undergraduates Only”)
  • Click on the “Search” button, and a list of all W courses will appear. 
  • You may also narrow your search by specifying a particular department.

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Our thanks to Professor Ben Vinson III, Dean of Centers, Interdisciplinary Programs, and Graduate Education, whose support of the JHU Writing Consortium made this Web site possible.