Rap Sessions

The Rap Sessions in Africana Studies are designed for undergraduate students to learn about and explore the broad field of Africana studies. The sessions are led by doctoral students from within and outside of Johns Hopkins University, who present their dissertation research to undergraduate students in a setting that is at once friendly and informal. Students get to ask questions about the research, learn techniques for carrying out their own scholarly investigations, and obtain advice on entering graduate school. The sessions feature presentations by doctoral students from different areas of the discipline, thus allowing undergraduate students to learn both about the breadth and the uniqueness of Africana studies.

Food and refreshments are served. If you would like to attend a Rap Session, present your research, or simply get more information, please contact Anne-Marie Livingstone at aliving6@jhu.edu.

Past Rap Sessions

Spring 2018

April 12 (5-7 p.m.): “Negotiating Race, Ethnicity and Nation: Diasporic Multiculturalism and the Politics of Language in Mauritius,” with Dr. Nicole Thornton (Post-Doctoral Fellow, Department of Political Science, Johns Hopkins University). Location: Mergenthaler 266.

Fall 2017

Oct. 11 (5:30-7:30 p.m.): “The Counter-Narrative: Black Feminist Methods and Culturally Competent Research,” with Shvilla Rasheem (PhD Candidate, Social Work, Morgan State University)

Nov. 2 (4:30-6 p.m.): “Using Black Studies to Talk Business: Writing the History of Racial Capitalism,” with Jessica Levy (PhD Candidate, History)

Nov. 30 (5:30-7:30 p.m.): “Research as Collective Praxis: Findings from a Participatory Study on Racial Profiling in Policing in Montreal, Canada” with Anne-Marie Livingstone (PhD Candidate, Sociology).