Study Abroad Grant

The Center for Africana Studies (CAS) provides scholarships to students studying abroad during the academic year. Individuals excelling in acquisition of scholarship on the African diaspora will be awarded $1,000 for their travel.

The scholarship is available for students who:

  1. Are majoring/minoring in Africana studies* (priority will be given to these students)
  2. Have taken four or more courses in Africana Studies
  3. Are reasonably fluent in or are currently taking classes in a language spoken in the African diaspora and seek language immersion while abroad
  4. Submit two strong recommendation letters from at least one affiliated CAS faculty

*Students who are not CAS majors/minors but wish to apply for this grant must speak with the associate director of the Center for Africana Studies before submitting their application.

Submit the application below by the appropriate deadline to apply for the grant. Supporting materials (essay, budget, letters of reference) may be uploaded to the form, emailed to, or delivered in hard copy to Kanita Tavares in Mergenthaler 240.

Study Abroad Grant Application

Study Abroad Grant Application
(if not CAS)
Describe how your course work, language emersion, and/or country of travel intersects with Africana scholarship.
See example

Note: On return from a study abroad program, grant awardees must submit a one-page essay describing how their time abroad enhanced their study of the African diaspora.