Affiliated Faculty

  • Norma Day-Vines

    Norma Day-Vines

    Professor, Johns Hopkins School of Education

    PhD, North Carolina State University

    Research Interests:  Ghana and study abroad

  • Jared Hickman

    Jared Hickman

    Assistant Professor, English

    PhD, Harvard University

  • Pier Larson

    Pier Larson

    Professor, History

    PhD, University of Wisconsin—Madison

    Research Interests:  African history with specializations in East and Southern Africa, Madagascar, the Indian Ocean, French empire, slavery, slave trades, religion, and literacy

  • Barbara Morgan

    Barbara Morgan

    Senior Lecturer, Undergraduate Economics Adviser

    PhD, Florida State University

    Research Interests:  Labor economics, public policy

  • Hollis Robbins

    Hollis Robbins

    PhD, Princeton University

    Research Interests:  19th-century African American literature, African American poetry, and film

  • Eric Sundquist

    Eric Sundquist

    Andrew W. Mellon Professor of the Humanities, English

    PhD, Johns Hopkins University

    Research Interests:  African American literature

  • Ronald Walters

    Ronald Walters

    Professor, History

    PhD, University of California, Berkeley

    Research Interests:  Social and cultural history of the United States with special interest in radicalism, reform, race, and popular culture