Long Twentieth Century Conferences

From The Long Twentieth Century to the Twenty-First
Binghamton University
Binghamton, NY 13902
(Preliminary program)

Oct 11, 2014:

10:00—10:15: Welcome
Ravi Arvind Palat (Binghamton University)

10:15—12:15: Geometries of Accumulation
Chair: William G Martin (Binghamton University)
Roberto Patricio Korzeniewicz & Scott Albrecht (University of Maryland—College Park): “Revisiting the Cycles of the Long Twentieth Century: Innovation, Wealth, and the Global Elites.”
Jason W. Moore (Binghamton University): “Historical Capitalism, Historical Nature: Arrighi, Marx, and the Limits to Capital-in-Nature.”
Eric Vanhaute (Ghent University): “From Systemic Cycles of Accumulation to a Commonwealth of Civilizations: Giovanni Arrighi and the Great Divergence Debate.”

13:30—15:30: Converging Crises and Chaos?
Chair: Roberto Patricio Korzeniewicz (University of Maryland—College Park)
Carlos Eduardo Martins (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro): “The Crisis of the Long Twentieth Century: Political Economy, Geopolitical Alignments, and Perspectives of Systematic Chaos.”
Roberto Jose Ortiz (Binghamton University): “From The Long Twentieth Century to the Long 1970s: The Signal Crisis of the US-led Regime of Accumulation in World-Historical Perspective.”
Luis Garrido Soto (Universidad Alberto Hurtado, Santiago): “Giovanni Arrighi in Santiago de Chile: National Liberation Struggle, Signal Crisis of US Hegemony and the Post-Hegemonic Project of Popular Unity.”

16:00—18:00 Milan to Beijing
Chair: Beverly Silver (Johns Hopkins University)
Shaohua Zhan (Johns Hopkins University): “China in the Long Twentieth Century: Historical Origins of its Rise.”
Alvin Almendrala Camba (Binghamton University): “Karl Marx in Beijing: Chinese Capitalism in the 21st Century.”
Marilyn Greil-Brisk (Universite de Neuchatel, Switzerland): “The Case of China in Sub-Saharan Africa: Redefining Subversion in The Long Twentieth Century to the Twenty-First.”

Oct 12, 2014:
10:00—12:30: Calculus of the Twenty-First Century?
Chair: Mahua Sarkar (Binghamton University)
Ana Maria Candela (Binghamton University): “Hegemony Redux?: Arrighi and the Lineages of the Trans Pacific Partnership and the Pivot to Asia.”
Sahan Savas Karatsli (Arrighi Center for Global Studies, Johns Hopkins University): “’Systemic Cycles of Accumulation’ and ‘Long Waves of Nationalism’ in the longue durée.”
Kevan Harris (Princeton University); “Whigs and Waves: An Arrighian Sociology of Post-2008 Global Protest.”
Boris Stremlin (Stonybrook University): “Russia, Regionalism, and the End of the Long Twentieth Century.”