Schedule & Materials

Wen Tiejun, Renmin University of China, PRC
The Eight Economic Crises and Soft Landings in China since 1949
9/17/2012 | 12:30-1 pm, 526 Mergenthaler Hall
Reading: Ecological Civilization, Indigenous Culture, and Rural Reconstruction in China

Sam Moyo, Director of the African Institute for Agrarian Studies, Harare
The Land Question in Zimbabwe
10/22/2012 | 12:30-1 pm, 526 Mergenthaler Hall

Deborah Bräutigam, Professor of International Development and Comparative Politics and the Director of the International Development Program, JHU School of Advanced International Studies 
China in Africa: Think Again
02/19/2013 | 12:30-1 pm, 526 Mergenthaler Hall

Christopher Chase-Dunn, University of California Riverside
Crisis of What?: End of capitalism or new systemic cycle of capitalist accumulation
9/13/2013 | 1-3 pm, 526 Mergenthaler Hall

Jason W. Moore, Binghamton University
The End of Cheap Food? Agriculture and Accumulation Crisis in the Capitalist World-Ecology
9/20/2013 | 1-3 pm, 526 Mergenthaler Hall
Readings: Cheap Food and Bad Money | The End of the Road? Agricultural Revolutions in the Capitalist World-Ecology, 1450–2010

Neil Brenner, Harvard University
Urban Theory Without an Outside: Towards a Theory of Extended Urbanization
9/27/2013 | 1-3 pm, 526 Mergenthaler Hall
Readings: Theses on Urbanization | The ‘urban age’ in question

Michael Pettis, Peking University, China
China’s Economic Rebalancing in Political Context
10/11/2013 | 1-3 pm, 526 Mergenthaler Hall

Peter Jacobs, Human Sciences Research Council, South Africa
South Africa’s Contemporary Agrarian Problems: The Political Economy of the Agrarian Question Revisited
10/18/2013 | 1-3 pm, 526 Mergenthaler Hall
Readings: Wither Agrarian Reform in South Africa

Agrarian Development in China Workshop (download schedule and poster)
11/1/2013 | 9-5 pm, Mason Hall

Maurizio Atzeni, Loughborough University, United Kingdom
Crisis, Modes of Capital Accumulation and Forms of Labor Unrest: The Experience of Argentina in the Last Two Decades
11/15/2013 | 1-3 pm, 526 Mergenthaler Hall
Readings: Pragmatism, ideology or politics? Unions’ and workers’ responses to the imposition of neo-liberalism in ArgentinaThe re-emergence of workplace based organization as the new expression of conflict in Argentina

Amy Niang, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa
Prosperity without Morality: Ransoming, Ordering and Social Justice in the Sahel
11/18/2013| 5:30 pm, 526 Mergenthaler Hall

Vladimir Popov, United Nations
Great Divergences, Great Convergences: China, Russia and the West
12/6/2013 | 1-3 pm, 526 Mergenthaler Hall
Readings: Why the West Became Rich before China and Why China Has Been Catching Up with the West since 1949: Another Explanation of the “Great Divergence” and “Great Convergence” Stories | Book Summary

George Caffentzis, University of Southern Maine
Silvia Federici, Hofstra University
Debt, Financialization, and the Production of the Common
1/31/2014| 1-3 pm, 526 Mergenthaler Hall
Readings: Against the Debt EconomyCommons Against and Beyond CapitalismFrom Commoning to Debt: Financialization, Micro-Credit and the Changing Architecture of Capital Accumulation

Saturnino Borras, International Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, Netherlands (ISS) 
Transnational Agrarian Movements: Critical Reflections
2/14/2014 | 1-3 pm, 526 Mergenthaler Hall
Readings: Global Land Grabbing and Political Reactions ‘From Below’ | The Politics of Transnational Agrarian MovementsThe Challenge of Global Governance of Land Grabbing: Changing International Agricultural Context and Competing Political Views and Strategies

Madeleine Fairbairn,  University of Wisconsin, Madison
Cultivating Profit: The Financialization of Farmland
2/14/2014 | 3:30-5:30 pm, 526 Mergenthaler Hall
Reading: Like gold with yield’: evolving intersections between farmland and finance

Mindi Schneider, International Institute of Social Studies (ISS), The Hague, Netherlands
Meatification in China and the Global Land Grab
2/14/2014 | 3:30-5:30 pm, 526 Mergenthaler Hall
Reading: Grabbing Land for Industrial Agriculture: Meatification and a Politics of Measurement

Radhika Desai, University of Manitoba
Beyond Hegemonies: Reassessing the History of Imperialism
2/28/2014 | 1-3 pm, 526 Mergenthaler Hall
Readings: Why Geopolitical Economy?, chapter 1 from Desai’s 2013 book, Geopolitical Economy |Financial Crises, the Dollar and International Monetary Revolution |

Wen Tiejun, Renmin University of China, PRC
Eco-Integration and Social Innovation as Alternative Development Path
3/7/2014 | 1-3 pm, 526 Mergenthaler Hall

Lester Spence, Johns Hopkins University
Race, the City and the Neoliberal Turn 
3/28/2014  | 1-3 pm, 526 Mergenthaler Hall
Reading: The Neoliberal Turn in Black Politics | Race and The Neoliberal City

Joshua Clover, University of California, Davis
Affirmation and Impasse: The Politics of Value
4/4/2014 | 1-3 pm, 526 Mergenthaler Hall
Readings: Can Dialectics Break BRICS? | Autumn of the System: Poetry and Financial Capital | Labor and the Logic of Abstraction: An Interview (Moishe Postone- with Timothy Brennan)

Gopal Balakrishnan, University of California, Santa Cruz 
Breakthroughs of the Young Marx
4/11/2014 | 1-3 pm, 526 Mergenthaler Hall
Readings: Speculations on the Stationary State (Gopal Balakrishnan) | Karl Marx: Early Writings-Introduction (Lucio Colletti) | Part Two ‘On The Young Marx’ (Louis Althusser 1963)

Ching Kwan Lee, University of California, Los Angeles
The Specter of Global China: Contesting the Fractured and Flexible Power of Chinese Investment in Africa
4/18/2014 | 1-3 pm, 526 Mergenthaler Hall

Darlene Miller, University of Western Cape, South Africa
5/2/2014 | 1-3 pm, 526 Mergenthaler Hall
A New Regional Moment – Post-Apartheid South African Corporations and Africa
Readings: South African Corporations and post-Apartheid Expansion in Africa – creating a new regional spaceThe ‘New Scramble’ and Labour in Africa