GSCD Courses

Spring 2019 GSCD Courses

The following sociology courses double-count toward the requirements for both the sociology and international studies majors. Additional approved courses that count toward IS major can be found on the International Studies Program website.

View our archive of approved courses that count for both Sociology and International Studies for past semesters.

Course Counts As
230.101 Introduction to Sociology IS Gateway Course for GSCD students only
230.150 Issues in International Development Gateway Course, (IR, CP, Econ for GSCD only)
230.213 Social Theory PT
230.224 Public Opinion and Democracy AP
230.265 Research Tools for Global Sociology and Development Focus Area and Q Distribution
230.306 Plagues, Power, and Social Control Global/NW History or IR
230.316 African American Family AP
230.335 Medical Humanitarianism IR
230.350 Cap/Dependency/Development in Latin America ECON or CP or Global/NW History
230.352 Chinese Diaspora: Networks and Identity CP or Global/NW History
230.260 Sociology of Fascism, Past and Present CP or Global/NW History
230.370 Housing and Homelessness in the US AP
362.378 Refugees, Human Rights & Sovereignty Global History/NW History
230.393 Global Health and Human Rights IR
230.396 Politics and Society CP or PT
230.397 Political Economy of Drugs and Drug Wars CP or ECON or Global/NW History
230.440 Port Cities/Historical Capitalism/Maritime Asia Global/NW History or IR
230.325 GSCD Practicum Focus Area Course
230.379 Undergraduate Research Seminar GSCD student writing Honors Thesis (junior and/or senior year)
191.303 Critical Race Theory, Law, and Criminal Justice AP or PT
310.230 Chinese Politics and Society CP or Global/NW History
310.340 Development and Social Change in Rural China CP or Global/NW History
362.113 Police and Prisons in Comparative Perspective AP or CP