For Incoming Freshmen

Sample First Semester

Choose any five courses:

  • Issues in International Development (AS 230.150)
  • Introduction to Sociology (AS.230.101)
  • Elements of Macroeconomics (AS.180.101)
  • Foreign language
  • Introductory history course (AS.100)
  • Elective: choose something that tickles your fancy

Sample Four-Year Course Progression

1st FallLanguageIssues in International DevelopmentMacroeconomicsHistory/ Historical Sociology***
1st SpringLanguageResearch ToolsMicroeconomicsIssues in International Development***
2nd FallLanguageHistory/ Historical SociologyComparative Politics/ Comparative SociologyStatistics***
2nd SpringLanguageResearch MethodsSocial TheoryHistory/ Historical Sociology***
3rd FallStudy Abroad
3rd SpringLanguageGSCD PracticumComparative Politics/ Comparative SociologyInternational Relations/ Global SociologyAdvanced Research
4th FallHistory/ Historical SociologyAPInternational Economics/ Economic Sociology or IS***Advanced Research
4th SpringHistory/ Historical Sociology*********Advanced Research
  • *** are free spaces for distribution credits or additional electives
  • Assumes a 5 class per semester load, allows for flexibility
  • Advanced Research is optional but encouraged and may or may not be for credit
  • Study abroad assumes the non-transference of credit, but this does not preclude the transference of credit