In the News

Program Updates

  • Dr. Christopher Honey named new Chair of the Behavioral Biology Program, July 2018
  • Dr. Hey-Kyoung Lee named new Chair of the Neuroscience Program, July 2016
  • New Course: Neuroeducation taught by Linda Gorman, PhD – The seminar course is designed to address the following question: Can what we know about the brain guide how we teach in our schools?
  • New Course: Behavioral Biology: In the Real World taught by Cindy Moss, PhD – A small group of students will meet four times in the semester to share experiences and information on research, internship, and volunteer activities in behavioral biology.
  • New Research Requirement: Scientific Communication

Alumni Achievements

By the Numbers

  • Total Number of Alumni in our LinkedIn Group: 164
  • 2018 Newly Declared Neuroscience Majors: 153
  • 2018 Newly Declared Behavioral Biology Majors: 23


The Publications page includes published works from both Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology alumni and current students. If you’d like your publication to be posted, please email our Program Administrator, Linda M. White.