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Page last modified: December 4, 2020 at 1:48 pm

Will the university reimburse faculty fees if a conference I planned to attend is cancelled?

You should contact the conference host about reimbursement. If that is not an option, the university will reimburse you from the original funding source (ie: FRB). A separate pool of funding for this type of reimbursement does not exist.

What if my department has already contracted with a vendor to sponsor a conference or meeting somewhere?

For those business areas that wish to cancel contracted external meetings or events involving 25 or more participants up through April 30, 2020, please reach out to Procurement events contract team for support. They will reassess the guidance for events scheduled for May 1, 2020, and beyond closer to that time. The goal is to attempt to mitigate the financial risk associated with the cancellation of external event contracts at this time. To get their assistance:

  • Submit an inquiry to the Procurement Service Portal (Contract, Inquiry)
  • Please include a copy of the contract in question as well as the venue contact information
  • Please do NOT cancel a meeting or event directly with the vendor, we will contact the vendor

Who should we email to request special permission for access to campus?

Buildings will be treated as they are on weekends or holidays – locked but with card/key access. You can contact the appropriate vice dean in the Dean’s Office for access.