Page last modified: December 4, 2020 at 1:48 pm

What about international non-essential travel for faculty, for example to a conference?

International non-essential travel for university-related business is prohibited.

What about domestic travel for faculty?

University-related, non-essential domestic travel is also prohibited. Business essential travel is defined as travel that is absolutely necessary to the mission of the university, can only be completed by the traveler’s physical presence, and does not create an unacceptable health hazard. Conference attendance and presentations are not generally considered essential travel. Essential travel must be approved by the dean.

What about reimbursement for faculty travel plans that were already made?

In general, employees may seek reimbursement for travel expenses associated with, and incurred in support of, official Johns Hopkins business. Before seeking reimbursement, employees should contact the travel agency or vendor to request a refund. If the vendor issues a refund, no reimbursement will be processed. If the vendor refuses to issue a refund, a reimbursement request may be submitted.

The following parameters will apply to the reimbursement submission:

  • Expense categories include:
    • Airline tickets
    • Rail tickets
    • Hotel and lodging deposits/pre-payment
  • Expenses must have been incurred before March 11, 2020
  • Documentation required for reimbursement:
    • Applicable receipt with proof of payment
    • Documentation from vendor denying the request for refund
    • If the ticket was procured outside of the managed travel program, and the vendor is offering a credit for future use, the traveler must provide that documentation, and attest that the funds will be used for official JHU business travel only.
  • Comments should be added to the reimbursement request clearly identifying the reason for cancellation is associated with the COVID 19 travel restrictions.
  • For questions, contact