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East Asian Speaker Series with Min Jin Lee

On April 12th, author Min Jin Lee gave a talk entitled“Afterlives of Empire: A Symposium on History, Family, and Fiction in Min Jin Lee’s Pachinko,” as part of the East Asian Studies Speaker Series. The event was co-sponsored by the Japan Foundation.

East Asian Studies Speaker Series with Yang Zhang

On April 3rd, The Program in East Asian Studies hosted Yang Zhang,  Assistant Professor of in the School of International Service at American University, for a talk entitled “Factions in Action: A Romance of Reformers and Conservative in China, 1977-1992.”

East Asian Speaker Series with Sheldon Garon

On April 2nd,  Sheldon Garon, Professor of History and East Asian Studies at Princeton University, gave a talk entitled “On the Transnational Destruction of Cities: What Japan and the U.S. learned from the Bombing of Britain and Germany in World War II.” The talk was  co-sponsored by the History Department and the Japan Foundation.

East Asian Speaker Series with Jin “Julie” Zeng

Dr. Jin Zeng, Associate Professor of Politics and International Relations at Florida International University, gave a talk entitled “We don’t want land certificates! – Property Rights and Rural Land Reform in Contemporary China” on March 26th.

East Asian Speaker Series with Priscilla Tse

On March 9th, Johns Hopkins Sociology Professor Priscilla Tse gave a talk entitled “Performing Female Masculinity and Queer Overtones in Cantonese Opera and Contemporary Cinema in Hong Kong.”She discussed her paper which examines the female masculinity and queer overtones that renowned twentieth century actress Yam Kim-Fai (1913-1989) embodied on different “public stages.” The talk was […]

East Asian Speaker Series: Careers in Foreign Policy with Marvin Ott

On February 27th, School of Advanced International Studies Professor Marvin Ott led a workshop on career paths for students interested in foreign policy. Professor Ott provided helpful advice by drawing on his extensive experience in the US State Department’s Foreign Service Institute, The Central Intelligence Agency, the Congressional Office of Technology Assessment, the Senate Select […]

East Asian Speaker Series: “Wilderness as Method, Contemporary as Method” with Reiko Tomi

On February 6th, East Asian Studies welcomed independent scholar Reiko Tomi for a talk entitle “Wilderness as Method, Contemporary as Method.” Tomii is an independent art historian and curator who investigates post-1945 Japanese art in global and local contexts for the narration of a world art history of modernisms. The talk was cosponsored with the Department […]