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Photographing China’s Industrial Pollution

September 19, 2018 @ 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm
Mergenthaler 366
Tian Yunchen

Lu Guang, Independent Documentary Photographer

China has become the world’s second largest economy. However, this economic growth has consumed enormous

resources, producing tremendous amounts of pollution. Three-time World Press Photo award-winning independent

photographer Lu Guang presents selections from his most prominent works on the landscapes and human effects

of industrial pollution.

A freelance photographer since 1993, Lu Guang has developed major documentary projects in China, all at his own

initiative, focusing on some of the most significant social, health, and environmental issues facing his country today.

His photographic work includes stories on gold diggers, local coal miners, the SARS epidemic, drug addiction along

the Sino-Burmese border, Aids villages in Henan Province, the environmental impact of the Qinghai-Tibet railway,

industrial pollution and the medical effects of schistosomiasis (bilharzia).