Fall/Spring at Homewood Courses

Fall 2019 Courses

Fall – August 29–December 6
(Registration May 15 – August 28)

AS.370.602.1 Accent Reduction 
Schedule: MW 1:30PM-2:45PM; (Section 2) TTh 12-1:15PM
Instructor: Victoria Donato
Location: Krieger 504
This course focuses on improving students’ perception and pronunciation of American English through learning articulation, phonetics, and phonology. Students learn the basics of anatomy of speech production in order to understand how difficult sounds and soundcontrasts are made. Students also learn the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) to help them distinguish sound contrasts that are difficult depending on the individual students’ native languages. Moving beyond individual sounds, students learn how sounds change depending on what word or phrase they appear in and when they appear in fast or colloquial speech. Finally, students learn and practice intonation appropriate for various types of statements and questions.

AS.370.602.2 Accent Reduction 
Schedule: TTh 12-1:15PM
Instructor: Victoria Donato
Location: Gilman 77

AS.370.603.1 Public Speaking in American Academia
Schedule: TTh 9:00AM-10:15AM
Instructor: Victoria Donato
Location: Gilman 77
This course focuses on improving students’ understanding of the culture and communication norms in American academia. Students learn the basics of conversation and e-mail etiquette in America, as well as the norms of interacting with college students they teach, professors, and colleagues in situations such as classes, office hours, lab meetings, and scientific meetings. Students practice designing and presenting lectures, supporting materials, tests, and assignments for classes they TA, as well as scholarly presentations of their research to the scientific community.

AS 370.604 Academic Writing
Schedule: MW 12-1:15PM
Instructor: Victoria Donato
Location: Laverty Lounge
In this course students will read and analyze the content, structure, and style of a wide range of academic and professional writing in order to improve their own essays, articles, reports, theses, critiques, and proposals using those features. They will learn to explain, support, compare and argue their ideas effectively through attention to organization, vocabulary, and style. Grammar will be infused into the course as it applies to revision and editing of written work and consistency within various types of writing. Students will use a variety of strategies to improve skills in idea development, organization, word choice, sentence fluency, voice, grammar and mechanics. Writing tasks will be integrated with content, vocabulary, and grammar from various texts.