William Evans

William Evans

Senior Lecturer and Associate Director

8 Gilman Hall

Since he arrived from Harvard in 2005, Will Evans has designed the pedagogy of the Expository Writing Program. With Pat Kain, he runs the training workshops for new graduate student instructors in May and August.  He presents at program meetings, participates in outreach work across the university, mentors graduate student instructors, and trains all lecturers who teach “Introduction to Expository Writing.”   

Aside from teaching at Harvard, he has taught at Cornell and New Hampshire, where he began teaching writing in 1978.  He received nine teaching awards from Harvard and The Clark Award for Excellence in Teaching from Cornell.  In the fall of 2017, he published The Elements of “Expos,” a handbook for students, and is at work on another for faculty. 

His The Elements of Expos” Student Edition is available here.  A selection of his papers and presentations is available on our website: “The Fundamental Structure of Academic Argument,” “On Teaching the Skill of Clarity,’” “Problems and Flaws in Academic Argument,” “Embracing Our Skepticism, Or How To Answer a Question,” and “What’s Wrong With The Descriptive Approach and What We Can Do To Fix It.”