Post-Doctoral Teaching Fellows

Post-Doctoral Fellowships in Expository Writing

The Program in Expository Writing invites advanced graduate students to apply for two one-year positions as Post-Doctoral Teaching Fellows. Each fellow will teach two sections of Expository Writing in the fall, and one section in the spring. The salary is currently $25,500, plus benefits at 75%. The salary for 2018-2019 has not yet been determined.

To be eligible, a graduate student must have demonstrated excellence in the teaching of Expository Writing at Johns Hopkins; must have a course that can potentially enroll two sections; must have scheduled a date to defend; and must have successfully defended by August 22, 2018.


To apply, please send the following documents by email attachment to Patricia Kain:

  • A letter expressing your interest in the fellowship, including the date of your defense
  • A course description
  • Your curriculum vitae.

The 2018–2019 deadline for submitting an application is April 16, 2018.