FMS Students First Readers for 2017 Baltimore Screenwriters Competition

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Covering scripts for the Baltimore Screenwriters Competition was a great experience that I was glad to participate in this winter.  I loved sampling new work coming out of the city and seeing the variety of subjects and styles the screenwriters explored.  It was also a great practical application of the kinds of thinking about films and stories that we learn in our film classes. Being a first reader gave me perspective on my own writing, and allowed me to practice writing coverage, a useful industry skill. I’m happy to have been part of a program that fosters such promising talent.

—Julia Gunnison, Class of 2017

Reading and covering scripts with Professor Bucknell’s guidance was exactly the hands-on experience that distinguishes our Hopkins film program. I’m applying for internships in film development, an area of the film business that relies heavily on interns’ ability to quickly and effectively cover scripts and identify compelling stories, and what I learned has perfectly prepared for the industry. Also, I was happy to see excellent writing that engaged with parts of the city I feel a connection to—I loved visualizing the city glorified on screen. The program was a valuable experience and I consider myself lucky to have contributed to it.

—Brian McConnell, Class of 2018

As a reader for the Baltimore Screenwriters Competition I was able to grow as a writer while also indulging in the creativity of others. I learned both what makes an engaging screenplay and what makes clear, functional coverage, and I felt fortunate to experience Baltimore through the eyes of new writers and their characters. All aspects of the process were rewarding. I was grateful for the opportunity to develop my skills and hopefully helped competition writers develop theirs as well.

—Vanessa Richards, Class of 2019