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Jakob Pollack

Jakob Pollack

Internship ICM

In the Summer of 2019, I interned at ICM Partners. There’s no way in heaven that I would have gotten this internship if not for the amazing connections I made through JHU’s Film and Media Studies (FMS) department. I met Laura Gordon, a JHU alum and a tenacious young agent at ICM, the prior Intersession when I joined the annual LA trip with Professor Linda DeLibero. This one connection led to a brief email correspondence, a flagged application, and finally a successful interview. I had gotten my foot in the door, so to say, thanks to the network cultivated by Hopkins.

Once at ICM, I was IV’d directly into the pumping artery of Hollywood. Agencies are the hub of all info in the entertainment heart of the world. I covered desks for high-powered agents repping all your favorite stars. I read enough bad scripts to know I had a chance to be a writer in this unforgiving industry. I read enough good scripts to know what the future holds for movies and TV. But most importantly, I pitched a client to ICM. Nothing teaches you more about the world of agencies than pitching a new client, and I will be forever thankful for the experience.

I am entering my senior year at JHU with more goals than I will accomplish, and that’s okay. That’s just what it’s like to be a Hopkins student. What I know for sure is that I will keep writing great scripts. What I hope for sure is that one day you will see them on the silver screen.