Film Society

The Johns Hopkins Film Society is an extracurricular group dedicated to providing a fun and enriching experience for all students interested in film. With weekly meetings and DVD screenings, as well as monthly larger film screenings, a film-themed annual journal, and a film festival that receives submissions from across the country and around the world, students are provided with numerous opportunities to get involved, from programming, to advertising, to projecting 35mm film.

Each semester, the Film Society puts on a student-run film series programmed by its members. Film series programmed in past years include “Dante’s In-film-o,” a series designed to trace out the circles of Dante’s Hell with screenings from Eastern Promises to Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory; “The Freudian Slips,” a series of films selected to embody a different facet of Freud’s psychoanalytic theory, with films ranging from Psycho to Mulholland Drive; and series that highlighted various directors, producers, and actors.

The Johns Hopkins Film Society puts on monthly 35mm film screenings in Shriver Hall on the third largest screen in Maryland. This provides students the opportunity to learn how to project 35mm film, and to see movies as they were intended to be viewed: on the big screen, with full cinema sound.

Film programming, advertising, budgeting, and projecting come together in the spring for the annual Johns Hopkins Film Festival, a festival run entirely by students. The Johns Hopkins Film Festival is nationally known, and draws both feature-length and short films from all across the country and world. The festival usually receives close to 300 submissions, from which students select the films to show, and create a schedule of three full days of cinema.

The Johns Hopkins Film Society provides exciting opportunities for students to expand upon their knowledge and love of film. All are welcome. For more information, contact, and like the Film Society on Facebook.

Film Society Executive Board

  • Co-Directors: Caroline Halligan and Katherine Gillis
  • Treasurer: Faith Terry
  • Social Media Chair/Wave Wave Zine Editor: Sarina Redzinski
  • Events Chair/Wave Wave Zine Editor: Charlotte Wood