Recent Internship Experiences

Gabriel Gaston

Internship: Susan Shopmaker Casting, New York, Summer 2017

Class of: 2018

Gabriel Gaston

My internship for Susan Shopmaker Casting was one of the most informative and enjoyable experiences of my professional career. I spent seven weeks in her office this past summer, and the time flew. My duties grew over time as I demonstrated my work ethic and competence, until I was a valuable part of the office’s everyday operations.

When I began, I was assigned clerical work such as sorting through cast lists, reviewing documents to make sure every actor’s audition was uploaded and noted, and sorting audition sides for the next day’s sessions. It was simple work to be sure, but I felt exhilarated just by being a part of the professional world. I had just arrived and, in my mind, I was already in the thick of it. Susan asked me what I’d be most interested in doing in the course of my time with her and I responded that I’d be happy however I could be helpful, but that since I was interested in being an actor, I’d love to be a reader if she ever needed help in the audition room. The next day I was reading with the actors who came in to audition for parts. This became one of my chief duties. I was the primary reader for the next month and a half, with one other actress reading one or two days a week.

A typical day would involve my helping to prepare the office and studio for that day’s audition sessions, and then greeting an actor when they arrived. I would clip on their lav mic, and then read the other parts in the script and do whatever actions the script required. When the day’s sessions were complete I added the actors’ names onto our master-list and updated all our documents.

In this time, I learned a lot by observing the actors and casting directors interact. Watching everything from how actors held themselves when they entered the room, to what specific notes the casting associate gave in-between takes helped fill in my understanding of the process. As my employer and coworkers saw me improve my readings with the actors, they started letting me audition, as well. I didn’t book anything, but the experience of auditioning for movies and TV taught me a lot about what you can and can’t do on screen. For example, I had no idea how far down you can look before the camera loses your eyes, something that can weaken an audition. I also learned that no matter what the reader is giving you, you need to work off of them. If a reader gives you nothing, use the lines to force them to react. Don’t imagine you’re talking to someone who isn’t there; instead, work off of what you have. When an actor didn’t do this, it was immediately apparent, and problematic for their audition as a whole. It felt like they weren’t present in the room.

I also learned how minute everything becomes when acting for a camera. You can’t move much or you’ll shift out of frame. Every small movement of the body or face is critical and visible to whomever is watching the tape. Small, almost imperceptible body language becomes key to a successful audition.

While interning, I would also field phone calls from agents and managers who were inquiring about project details or making pushes for their clients. We were casting the lead in a new arthouse film, one for a strong female protagonist, and there were a lot of prospects. I didn’t realize that reps will actually cold call casting offices to convince them to audition clients, and then call again afterward to see how they did, and to ask for notes. It was exhausting just listening to them hustle. I had no idea how much lobbying was a part of an agent’s job.
The most exciting part of this internship was that Susan has offered me a place when I graduate. I may not accept a full-time position with her, but I would love to help out in her office for the first few months after graduation to help me find my footing in NYC. Interning for Susan Shopmaker Casting was a true pleasure and provided me with invaluable work experience. I would wholeheartedly recommend that any interested student in the Film and Media Studies Program apply. They won’t be disappointed.

Genevieve Ott

Internship: Groove, Baltimore, MD

Class of: 2017

Genevieve Ott

This semester, I interned at Groove, a digital marketing agency in the Harbor East area of Baltimore. I worked primarily as a copywriter, though I assisted with many tasks throughout the semester. As a copywriter, my main responsibility was writing blogs for clients. These blog topics and clients were very diverse; I wrote on everything from tax forms for insurance clients to cyber security for tech clients. One of my favorite parts of this internship was completing research across many different fields and industries. I was exposed to many different ideas and industries that I wouldn’t have been otherwise. As a copywriter, I also developed copy for websites and metadescriptions. I particularly enjoyed writing copy for one client who sold all-natural home goods.

In addition to copywriting, I conducted analytics. I was able to learn how to use software such as HubSpot and Moz, which allowed me to perform reviews of clients and their competitors. I also created graphics in Illustrator, sourced photos for other projects, developed outlines for ebooks, and edited other people’s writing. My work culminated in a final project that I pitched to my supervisor. In this project, I created several original blogs for the all-natural home goods client, as well as accompanying infographics. This required me to dig through pages of research that they provided, and condense it into concise, informative pieces.

It was incredibly rewarding to learn the ins and outs of digital marketing. I was exposed to so many different aspects of marketing, from writing to research to analytics, and now I have a better picture of what exactly I want to do. Agency life definitely allowed me this exposure, as I was passed around so many different apartments and asked to help out with different tasks. I can picture myself working at an agency, with its highly collaborative environment and the opportunity to wear many different hats. By taking a tour around digital marketing, I am now able to move forward in my career search better knowing my own strengths, abilities, and interests.