Recent Internship Experiences

Alessandra Bautze

  • Internship: Triboro Pictures, New York, Summer 2012
  • Class of: 2014

My internship at Triboro Pictures was a wonderful introduction to the industry; I loved working for the small, up-and-coming company, for I was truly able to contribute to their work in important ways. I learned a variety of new skills, and I was able to demonstrate the skills that I have learned at Johns Hopkins in The Writing Seminars and the Program in Film and Media Studies.

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Malcolm Douglas

  • Internship: Wide Angle Youth Media, Baltimore, Summer 2013 & 2014
  • Class of: 2014

My experience at Wide Angle has been life changing for me. I've learned valuable production skills. I've improved on my photography, videography, directing, acting, and writing skills through this internship. I've learned how to use new equipment, work with a team, and I've worked on professional sets doing professional work. And most importantly, I've learned how to be a teacher and work with the youth.

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Gabriel Gaston

  • Internship: Susan Shopmaker Casting, New York, Summer 2017
  • Class of: 2018

My internship for Susan Shopmaker Casting was one of the most informative and enjoyable experiences of my professional career. I spent seven weeks in her office this past summer, and the time flew. My duties grew over time as I demonstrated my work ethic and competence, until I was a valuable part of the office’s everyday operations.

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Elizabeth Goodstein

  • Internship: American Documentary | POV & International Creative Management (ICM), New York, Summer 2011
  • Class of: 2013

I would highly recommend both of these firms to other Hopkins students. I also cannot thank the incredible film program enough for preparing me for these experiences.

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Josh Goodstein

  • Internship: Florentine Films, New York, Summer 2012
  • Class of: 2015

In addition to gaining experience with databases, libraries, newspaper archives, transcription of film, basic editing, and microfilm techniques, I learned the importance of resourcefulness, organization, diligence, and dedication.

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Stephanie Hom

  • Internship: WYPR, Baltimore, Summer 2012
  • Class of: 2015

By the end of the program, I became responsible for producing billboards and promos, backing up shows, screening calls and emails during live shows, and researching and producing hour-long segments.

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Melissa Jordano

  • Internship: Crybaby Media, New York, Summer 2012
  • Class of: 2014

Interning at Crybaby Media was an eye-opening experience that taught me a lot about the reality television industry and important lessons about conducting business.

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Glennis Markison

  • Internship: City Paper, Baltimore, Spring 2010
  • Class of: 2013

During my internship at City Paper, I’ve written picks about everything from political events to farmers’ market to pet photo-ops with an Easter Bunny. The briefs have not only made my writing more concise, they’ve proven to me that Baltimore is a happening city.

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Andrea Massaro

  • Internship: The Baltimore Sun, Baltimore, Fall 2013
  • Class of: 2015

What was special about working at The Baltimore Sun was the support and the opportunities. I took away a great experience in journalism, and skills I know I'll be able to use in whatever career I may pursue in the entertainment industry.

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Genevieve Ott

  • Internship: Groove, Baltimore, MD
  • Class of: 2017

One of my favorite parts of this internship was completing research across many different fields and industries. I was exposed to ideas and industries that I wouldn’t have been otherwise.

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Clare Richardson

  • Internship: Independent Film Channel, New York, Summer 2011

My summer at IFC gave me insight into the independent studio system and the various aspects that go into both the purchase and exhibition of film.

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Jordan Scharf

  • Internship: Atlas Media Corp, New York, Summer 2013
  • Class of: 2016

One of the most invaluable experiences this summer has been working one-on-one with producers and actors in the office's green screen room, showing me first hand how a television show is made.

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