Major Requirements

The film and media studies major has three tracks:

  • The critical studies track emphasizes the academic study of film.
  • The production track emphasizes film and media making.
  • The screenwriting track emphasizes the craft of writing for film and tv.

Students must complete all the requirements for one of the designated tracks to fulfill the basic requirements of the major. After these basic requirements are fulfilled, students are strongly encouraged to supplement their film and media education by taking additional courses in both tracks.

Core Courses

  • Introduction to Cinema I and II (061.140 and 061.141)
  • One of the following Expository Writing courses
    • Introduction to Expository Writing (060.100)
    • Expository Writing (060.113 or 060.114)
    • Great Books at Hopkins (360.133)
    • Writing about Film (061.226)
  • Foreign language courses: Foreign language proficiency through the first-year level required. Any language requirement waived by exam must be documented on the student’s transcript.

Full requirements for the specific tracks can be found on the online academic catalog.